John Paul

John Paul has been designing jewelry in downtown Bend, Oregon for over fifteen years. What started out as a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing from the University of Wisconsin Stout, has led to a lava rock and mortar jewelry gallery in beautiful downtown Bend.

John Paul apprenticed in Vail, Colorado with Dan Telleen at Karats, and in Madison, Wisconsin at TQ Diamonds before eventually making his way back west and settling in the mountain town of Bend, Oregon.

Throughout the years, John Paul has been refining his skills and approach. After randomly befriending a grouchy blacksmith years ago, John Paul's college love of forging metals was rekindled. This led to the forging of ferrous metals (iron & steel) building on his raising and forging background gleaned from Humphrey Gilbert, renown professor emeritus at UW-Stout. Over time, John Paul utilized blacksmithing techniques and applied them to the precious metals. As a matter of fact, just today, John Paul used these skills learned in college that were tried and tested in the real workings of the world, to remove some major dents and other damage that was doled out to a pair of sterling silver heirloom serving spoons. It is believed the client said, "This is what happens when your house guest tries to crush ice for a martini with the back of a spoon. These are my wife’s' family heirlooms from England."  I told him I'd have them ready by the time he forgot that he'd left them...... And commenced to undertake this task upon his departure.

This combination of English sterling silver martini spoon planishing and newfound blacksmithing techniques, which he has gleaned through further education and due diligence, allow him to apply these procedures to his current body of work in a variety of metals.  This, in addition to his estate sale and thrift store addiction, has led to his signature style, where a balance was struck that combined an array all of the techniques and processes learned over the years. We hope you enjoy the results...