Q: What's the difference between Platinum and Palladium?

A: Platinum and Palladium are both extremely rare metals that are found together in the earth. Both are many times rarer than gold. Both are hypoallergenic. Platinum weighs about twice as much as palladium does though both have the same cool white gray color and are used quite pure, 95% of the metal is used with 5% Ruthenium or Iridium most commonly. Palladium is the less expensive of the two, purely from a state of supply and demand. The auto industries are large consumers of both metals as well as the jewelry industry.

Q: What metals do you use for your wedding and engagement rings?

A: I primarily use Platinum, Palladium, 10-24K gold, in white, yellow, green and rose. I also work with both stainless steel and stainless steel damascus.

Q: What is damascus?

A: Two or more different types of steel traditionally forged welded and folded to create unique patterns.

Q: What is stainless steel damascus?

A: Created the same way as traditional steel damascus but using two or more different types of stainless steels.

Q: I have my own gems and old jewelry, can we use these to create new jewelry?

A: Yes, I use clients heirloom gems and metals when designing new jewelry. Occasionaly I cannot, say when you have yellow gold rings and want white gold rings. In these instances I will often take the old gold in trade towards the new design, though whenever possible, I will find a way to include them into the design.

Q: Your jewelry is beautiful, do you ever make pieces from past collections ...like the meat cleaver necklace?? Thank you.

A: Hi. Yes I do create similar pieces to ones from past collections....Such as the meat cleaver...Do you live in Bend? That piece is sterling silver and ebony wood....Do you like that exact piece or do you like another style of knife? Thanks...jpd

Q: How do I learn to make & design metal jewlery

A: Take classes. Where do you live?

Q: Hello, do you make simple (without any diamonds), platinum wedding bands?

A: Yes, we do make simple platinum bands. Give us a call at the gallery.
Thank you.


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