A story about our John Paul rings...
I tried to keep the ring a secret, but who was I kidding, his ring was so perfect I just had to make sure it fit and it did, perfectly, then I couldn't get Reed to take it off he loved it so much, finally I got it away from him and told him he had to wait until July, then tried my best hiding spot. Now every morning I wake up he is lying in bed asleep with his ring back on...no hiding place seems to work, he LOVES IT! I LOVE it, I love mine! It fits perfectly! You are a rockstar! It seems we may have quite the game of hide-n-seek on our hands until the end of July. Your abilities have gone completely beyond our expectations, time after time! I may have to develop a jewelry habit!
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, thank you, thank you!

— Rickey Minder and Reed Thomas Lawrence, Studio City, CA

Dearest John Paul,
Thank you so much for making such a beautiful ring for Lucy. It brings us great pleasure to see how proud she is to wear it. I know she'll treasure her first piece of JP jewelry for the rest of her days.

— Mary Kay Devine, Chicago, IL

Dear John & Crew,
Thank you SO MUCH for the beautiful ring & amazing experience! You three were so fun & we appreciated your patience as we navigated the uncharted territory of jewelry design! It was so exciting- the finished product is BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely LOVE IT! My daughters said - "it's so you" - an enormous compliment & validation that it is totally perfect! Thank you so very much!

— Daly, Bend, OR

When I decided that I was going to propose to my GF of 3 years I knew I had to choose the perfect ring. The only thing I knew was that she did not want a diamond. With this knowledge I perused Bend for a jeweler who would help me design the perfect ring. JPD was the final stop after a fruitless evening of ring shopping. And boy did I save the best for last. Brenna was amazing to chat with and I knew right away that this was going to the be the shop I would be working with. Their communication was amazing and they helped me through the whole process. The proposal went flawlessly and she was SOOO surprised! I did it in Manzanita on the Coast at sunset. I set up a blanket with special trinkets from each of the states that mean the most to us (Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Connecticut (where shes from). I then had her sister bring her down to the beach to watch the sunset with her, where I was waiting. We spent a few minutes going through her "gifts" while she built up her excitement and anticipation. I then, of course, dropped to a knee and popped the question. She said YES! It was PERFECT! She is obsessed with the ring and so am I!!!! It is so perfect for her and for us. The way the color changes depending on the light is EXACTLY what I was imagining when designing the ring with JPD! They nailed it! And we couldn't be more excited about the result. Thanks again!

— Ryan Harrington, Boise, Idaho

Dear John Paul,
I absolutely love my cuffs! They turned out better than I had anticipated and they suit me perfectly (are perfect me.) But I really want you to know it means the world to me that you were able to use jewelry I had inherited from my grandmother to create pieces I can wear everyday. You have given me a gift I will cherish forever.
Please except my heartfelt thanks,

— Karen Rowden, Bend, Oregon

Just wanted to thank you again for all your super stellar work on our rings. They are beautiful. The addition of the diamond really looks great, helps that inlay to pop a bit more and I love the color of it. Thanks for putting up with us, especially my nitpicking and nagging. I can't wait to put it on my finger and wear it forever!

— Casey Crisler, Bend, Oregon

Thank you so much I couldn't be happier. The final product is better than I could have imagined- I love it and so will Jeff. Nice work, as always.

— Chantel Titus, Bend, Oregon

You made me the happiest girl in the world. I loved everything! You are a master.

— Shawna Moore, Sandpoint, Idaho

I checked out your website and saw our rings and all the other stuff. Your work is incredible. It is refreshing in a time when all things seem replicated and re-visited.

— Sandy Johnson, Bend, Oregon

How I adore my newest JP piece! Thank you for helping me walk around town ornamented with such unique pieces of art: they certainly add some bounce to my step!

— Mallory Blaschka, Bend, Oregon

I had been looking for a ring for Ron and just couldn't find what I wanted. Thanks for your time, creativity, knowledge and (non-salesman) approach :) we finally found what we were looking for!

— Ron & Adele Baker, Bend, Oregon

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our wedding bands. They turned out GREAT and we love them. Thinking of new pieces for you to design.

— Kristina & Jeff Wilson, Coos Bay, OR

John Paul is an artistic genius! He listened to us describe what we wanted in new wedding rings and masterfully created two rings which are sculptures in themselves.
We shall proudly and joyfully wear these rings which represent our love for each other and the love we feel for such a talented man. We also want to thank Amy for her enthusiasm and her beautiful spirit.

— John and Cindy Buchanan, Bend, Oregon