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Jewelry Care

Jewelry to Last a Lifetime

We're not kidding when we say your John Paul jewelry is crafted to last a lifetime - and beyond.

However, there are a few things that you can do to take care of your treasured pieces, and show 'em some love. John Paul's designs incorporate a wide range of various metals and gems, and are built for active people who like to spend their time doing things they love, which doesn't usually include cleaning jewelry. Stop by and see us once or twice a year so that we can check gemstones and give your pieces a great professional clean. In between visits, here are a handful of easy care tips to keep in mind...

Your jewelry is meant to be worn and enjoyed, not worried about. So strap on that bike helmet & go for a ride, put that kayak in the river & paddle away - but when it's time to relax and soak those sore muscles in a hot tub or hot springs, leave your pieces in a safe place. The chemicals can discolor the finish and patina.

In regard to patinas, if your piece is sterling silver or copper, it will continue to develop its own unique patina that is a combination of its environment and your individual body chemistry. A safe way to protect that patina while cleaning your jewelry is to use a non-detergent soap like Dr Bronner's combined with a bit of water and a soft toothbrush to gently get into the tight places. Your platinum, palladium & gold jewelry can benefit from the same.

About scratches: they happen. When your jewelry is fresh off the bench, it's a perfectly blank polished slate - ready for adventures. Your piece will eventually hold a visual history of your life and what you've worked towards while wearing it. Each scratch is another chapter in your storybook, representing what you truly treasure and hold dear.

Occasionally your piece may require a check-in with the doctor for a minor repair. We are always happy to help keep the piece in a condition that you want to wear it every day. Please call or stop by to arrange an appointment.

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